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Tools and Services    Overview offers tools and services that help Intellectual Property (IP) litigators and experts provide analysis, testimony and trial presentation for copyright, trade secret and patent cases. experts have developed tools which allow us to perform litigation consulting more efficiently with consistently accurate results. These tools are now available to you.

Patent Analysis Tools

Pat2Cite™ Citation Reports

With Pat2Cite™ Citation Reports, citation of patent language has never been easier. Why waste time and money sorting through countless pages of patent text line by line when Pat2Cite™ can automatically generate citations for you? Simply enter the seven digit number of the patent you would like to cite and let Pat2Cite™ retrieve the patent text, correctly cite each sentence in proper format, and display the results in a convenient Word document format.

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Pat2Corpus™ Claim Term Reports

Pat2Corpus™ Claim Term Reports make locating and citing words and phrases in patent text easy. Pat2Corpus™ saves you time and money by eliminating the tedious and error prone work of manually searching and citing patents. Pat2Corpus™ generates a comprehensive report, in a convenient Word document format, listing every use of the specified word or phrase in a patent’s text. The report displays the text preceding and following the specified word or phrase, and provides citation of the word or phrase’s location.

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Source Code Analysis Tools

Source Code Listings

Our Source Code Listing tools take the mystery out of source code by creating an easy to understand, exhibit-ready, formatted and line-numbered display of your source code files.

Two types of source code listings are available:

Both our single file and side-by-side Source Code Listing tools create convenient word document displays that you can use as an illustrative visual aid for judges, juries, or other members of your organization. Exhibit numbers, page numbers, line numbers, and file path names on each page help the witness keep the record clear and meaningful. Even easier, can generate listings of an entire code base via our consulting services.

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Source Code Tokenizing

A token is the basic component of source code. Just as sentences are made up of words, each word having a specific meaning, source code is made up of tokens, each token having a specific purpose. The Source Code Tokenizing tool makes the tedious task of identifying and counting tokens easy by generating a spreadsheet with a unique list of tokens found in one or more source code files. Each token is counted, and the file extension may be identified. If desired, tokens used in the programming language can be ignored.

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Source Code Base Statistics

The Source Code Base Statistics service helps make source code analysis simple by providing information and insight into the state of the source code. The highly informative service generates spreadsheets containing a complete set of statistics on all files and directories in a source code base. This data helps you size up the task, organize and take an efficent approach to analyzing the source code.

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Source Code Comparisons

Identifying and displaying stolen, copied, or translated source code is no problem using our Source Code Comparison service. The Source Code Comparison service uses a propriety, patent pending process to create an easy to understand, exhibit ready, formatted and line numbered word document display comparing two source code files side by side.

Lines of code that are identical copies of one another are underlined and colored red. Lines of code that are not literally identical copies but are functionally equivalent are displayed in underlined blue font. experts can identify where a code translation - a term used in one set of code that is logically identical to a term used in another set of code - has been used in an attempt to hide or obscure illicit copying. In this way our Source Code Comparison service is able to identify more stolen or copied code than might otherwise have been discovered.

Lines of code that are required by the programming environment, such as the tag in html files, are displayed in underlined magenta font, and can easily be filtered for infringement consideration. Blank lines are ignored, leaving only unique, original lines of code unmarked.

Statistics showing the number and percentage of identical or translated, functionally equivalent, and filtered lines are generated, making your case easier to show.

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Consulting Services provides consulting and expert witness services on an hourly or project basis. experts can run our web-based tools for you, become fully involved as an expert in your case, or anywhere in between. Please contact us for more information.

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